Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Nursery


Our Department consists of a variety of accomodation, including private room, semi-private room, standard room (four-person), individual delivery suites, and nursery. Each delivery suite is well equipped with maternal and fetal monitoring system and resuscitation equipment, offering a safe and comfortable environment for childbirth. Our team of medical professionals is dedicated to serving expectant parents with love and compassion. Let's join hands in embracing the joy of a new birth.


Services :

  1. Fetal diagnostic service

    - Ultrasound

    - Fetal heart monitoring system

  2. Antenatal classes
  3. Maternity service

    - Normal vaginal delivery

    - Caesarean section

  4. Nursery service
  5. Postnatal talk
  6. Discharge talk (baby care)



Sofa (private room only)
Refrigerator (private room only)
Individual bathroom and shower
Bedside hospital grade breast pump
Chair with armrest and footstool
Cushion and U-shape breastfeeding pillow
Drinking water machine
Bedside terminal*
Electric bed
Personal electronic safe
Free wireless broadband internet access
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Ward
Individual delivery suite
​​Breastfeeding room

Bedside terminal makes hospital stays more enjoyable for expectant mothers by providing access to the internet, TV, radio and meal ordering system.

Maternity Ward
Private Room
Semi-Private Room
Standard Room (4 Person)
Delivery Suite
Nursery, Breastfeeding Room and Baby Viewing Area

Notes for maternity patients and visitors


Contact Us

Maternity Accommodations service:

Location:  Main Block 5/F
Tel:  28303755
Fax:  2837 5221


Nursery service:

Location:  Main Block 5/F
Tel:  2830 3733
Fax:  2837 5201


Browse Hospital Regulations & Information for Hospital Stay

Please take note of the following:

  • A gift set and maternity kit will be given to all maternity patients upon admission. Please bring along other personal commodities.
  • ​Please inform ward staff prior to leaving the ward at any time.
  • ​Visit by children under 12 years of age is not advisable. Only two visitors per maternity patient at any time.
  • ​Please pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash hands with soap or use alcohol hand sanitizer.
  • ​Always wear a surgical mask during ​influenza season or when presenting with respiratory symptoms.
  • ​Visiting arrangement may change with Infectious Disease Response Level, please pay attention to relevant notice.
  • ​Smoking, alcohol consumption, gambling, pets, washing or hanging clothes or fire lighting is strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.
  • ​To maintain a peaceful and healing environment, please refrain from creating noises and keep cellphones on silent or vibrate mode.
  • ​Please use headsets to enjoy audio and video entertainment after 10:30pm
  • ​For your own safety and to avoid interrupting medical equipment, please do not use electrical appliances of your own.
  • ​Please keep the ward clean. Do not bring more than one baggage or excess personal belongings.
  • ​Please keep the bathrooms clean. Bathrooms in ward are for maternity patient use only. Visitors should use the public bathrooms.
  • ​Companion is only allowed in single private room. Only one person is allowed and additional charges shall be levied.
  • ​Please report any nuisance to ward staff, such as handing out business cards or advertising service.


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