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Community Services


St. Paul's Hospital staff together with the volunteer team visits the community and disadvantaged districts regularly to provid free health checkups and medical consultation services, such as health lectures, booth exhibitions, pharmacist consultation services and elastic exercises. The community welcomes these outreach. 

Environmental friendly set ups - LED lighting
Environmental friendly set ups - LED lighting

The lighting system is one of the main energy-consuming systems, and the application of energy-saving technology can effectively reduce energy consumption. Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are using as lighting fixtures in our hospital. Compared to traditional lighting equipment, LED lighting provides 30% more energy efficiency, saving more electricity. Moreover, according to data from the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), LED lighting can achieve high colour temperature, high colour rendering index, and stable lighting. This improvement enhances the lighting quality and effects in our hospital, providing a more comfortable environment.

Oil-free chillers
Solar water heating system

The hot water system in our hospital adopts solar energy heating. Solar energy is a pollution-free renewable energy source. Through the solar energy heating system, it reduces the emission of carbon dioxide and other environmentally harmful substances caused by burning fossil fuels. Our solar energy hot water system also combined with a traditional hot water boiler system. When solar energy is insufficient, the boiler is used to supplement it. There will be no situation of insufficient hot water supply due to weather factors, making the hot water system more reliable.

Solar hot water system
Oil-free chillers

The air conditioning system in our hospital adopts oil-free chilled water units. This type of compressor uses magnetic bearings instead of traditional oil-lubricated bearings, which eliminates high friction losses, therefore lower the maintenance cost. At the same time, the energy efficiency of the compressor is optimized by the variable speed drive, thereby improving the operating efficiency of the system. By using magnetic bearings and variable speed drivers at the same time, the energy efficiency is improved, which is in line with our environmental protection design concept.

Centralised power control system
Centralised power control system

Centralised power control system is using in our hospital to achieve centralised monitoring and management of the power system, improving system reliability and stability. This system can promptly detect and handle any faults, ensuring the normal operation of facilities and equipment in the hospital. Through the centralised system, we monitor the operating status and load conditions of various power equipment, optimising power distribution and fully utilising the efficiency of power equipment, making it operate at the optimal load state.


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