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We believed in the importance of prevention and early detection of disease, therefore our Centre is dedicated to promote both individual and public health awareness by offering diversified medical checkup program and comprehensive range of health assessment service for all ages with different needs. Our mission is to assist our clients for early detection of disease by helping them understanding their health condition, hence raising their health awareness. We have a team of healthcare professional including physicians and nursing staff. We are committed to answer all their doubts and ensure that they have a clear understanding of what they are expected from their visit.

Service Charge


Preparation For Health Screening

  • Scheduling an appointment that will not disturb your daily living. Please bring your HK ID card or passport for registration.
  • Good psychological preparation can make you feeling less stressful.
  • Female clients are recommended to make an appointment 5 days after the menstrual period. Please contact our staff for special arrangement if you are during menstruation.
  • Prepare a summary of your past medical history (previous medical records, laboratory investigation reports, medical imaging and reports, allergy history, immunization record, family history and medication history).
  • Understand your current health status and lifestyles (smoking, drinking and exercise habit).
  • Fasting for at least 10 hours before blood collection, sips of plain water is allowed.
  • Alcohol should be avoided for 3 days.
  • For diabetic clients, please withhold the medication until the fasting procedures have been over.
  • Bring along with your stool specimen (if applicable). Please save the specimen in a small, clean container, or you may collect the specimen bottle from our centre.
  • For Treadmill stress test, casual wear and sport shoes are recommended (if applicable).

Useful Information


Request for Medical Record's Copy / Completion of Inpatient Insurance Claim Form

Patients should apply in writing if they wish to request for duplicates of their medical records or completion of insurance claim form. Request form and detailed hospital charges with procedure may refer to "Information Sheet for Patient’s Data Request and Form". For enquiries, please contact our Health Information and Records Department at (852)2830 3779 during office hours or email to

Collection of Investigation Report

The investigation report will only be stored in respective department for three months. If the patient wants to collect the investigation reports within three months, please collect them in person or by authorized person during office hours. Please contact the hospital general hotline 2890 6008 for further enquires.

If the investigation reports were not collected within three months, the reports will be destroyed. If the patient wants to request for test reports duplicates, service charge is required, please contact the Health Information and Records Department (Tel: 2830 3779) for inquiries and application.



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1. Appointment Policy:
- By Appointment Only
2. Arrangement when Black Rainstorm signal or Typhoon Signal No.8 or above or Extreme Condition is hoisted:
All Outpatient service appointment will be postponed. Our staff will contact the patients further to rearrange the appointment.