Haemodialysis Treament


  • Our Centre provides the expertise and facilities for both haemodialysis and ONLINE HDF for renal failure patients
  • We utilize state-of-the-art dialysis machines to provide medical services for our patients. All dialysis machines are products of latest models (4008S & 5008) from Fresenius Medical Care, globally recognized for their high reliability and good medical outcomes. The maintenance and quality controls for these machines are up to the highest standards. All blood lines, dialysers, concentrates are all for single-use to avoid any cross-infection between patients.
  • The adequacy of patient’s treatment is regularly measured by Online Clearance Monitoring (OCM). Fluid management tools such as Body Composition Monitoring (BCM), Blood Volume Monitoring (BVM) and Blood Temperature Monitoring (BTM) are used to achieve better outcomes for patients. With the help of these advanced monitoring tools, and our dedicated nursing team, quality care for our patients can be assured.
  • Patients can be referred by their private nephrologists to our centre.