Baby Bathing


Get everything ready

  • Water Basin
  • Comb and Brush.
  • Baby bath soap & shampoo or  baby  oil  and moisture lotion.
  • Cotton buds and cotton balls.
  • Cool boiled water.
  • Large and Small towel.
  • Clean clothes (put one layer of clothing inside another).


Remove all accessories from thehands.

  • Keep the bathing area temperature at 35℃ (Turn on a heater in cold weather).
  • Fill the basin 5 to 8 cm of water with cold water first then hot water.
  • Test the water with the elbow or water thermometer about 37 ℃ to 38℃.


  • Add a little baby soap shampoo.
  • Undress the baby, leaving only the diaper on.
  • Wrap baby with a big towel.


  • Support baby's body with forearm and use underarm to hold his feet in place.
  • Support the back of baby's neck and head with your hand.
  • Use small towel to rinse baby's head from the front to the back in a circular motion.
  • Be careful not to let water and soap drip into baby's eyes and ears.


  • Put baby on a firm surface and towel dry immediately.


  • Take off the diaper, wipe your baby's bottom thoroughly if baby has soiled.
  • Pay attention to clean the skin creases.


  • Always wipe from front to back to reduce the chance of bacteria getting into urinary tract.


  • Carry the baby with your arm supporting baby's head and neck .
  • Hold baby's arm with one hand and grip his feet with other hand.
  • After putting your baby into the bath, release his feet. Then, you can wash the baby.


  • Put baby into the bath.
  • Pay attention to clean the skin creases such as under his armpits, thighs and neck.


  • Turn baby around slowly and use one hand to support his jaw and chest when rinsing his back.
  • Avoid letting water run into his mouth and nose.


  • Wash baby's buttock.
  • place him on a firm surface and dry your baby especially the creases thoroughly.


  • Pat your baby dry thoroughly with large towel.
  • Pay attention to the skin folds.
  • Apply moisture lotion if necessary.


  • The diaper should besnug but not too tight.


  • Clean the bottom of cord with cotton bud soaked with cool  boiled water gently until clean.
  • Swab and clean the cord stump




  • Wash your hand before cleaning your baby’s eyes.
  • Use cotton balls dipped in cool boiled water. Wipe from the inner to outer corner of your baby’s eye. Use a new cotton ball for each wipe. Repeat until the eye is thoroughly clean. Repeat the same steps for the other eye.
  • Gently clean the face with cotton balls and ears with dry cotton buds.




The information is provided by Family Health Service, Department of Health
For enquiry, please contact St. Paul’s Hospital Nursery Department Tel: 28303733


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