Baby Care after Circumcision

1.    The “plastibell” will be dislodged by itself around 3-7 days. If it is not dislodged after 7 days, please consult doctor-in-charge.






2.    Bath should be taken as usual.
3.    Use water or prescribed disinfectant solution to clean the wound wherever it is soiled. Change diaper frequently to keep the wound clean and dry so as to prevent infection.
4.    Please don’t apply any cream or medication to the wound without doctor’s prescription.
5.    It is normal to have swelling around the wound and it will eventually subside in a few days.
6.    In case of minor oozing, apply direct pressure slightly over the site of bleeding. If there is increase of  oozing or bleeding from  the wound, please consult  the doctor immediately.
7.    If there is any sign of infection from the wound, e.g. persistent or increasing redness or swelling and profuse yellowish secretion, please consult doctor for further management.



For enquiry, please contact St. Paul’s Hospital Nursery Department.

Tel: 28303733

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