Infection Control Measures for Candida auris


In view of Candida auris outbreaks in public hospitals, with effect from 7 a.m. of 5 February 2024, Inpatients (excluding Day Case Patients) and Haemodialysis Day Patients will require mandatory testing for C. auris on admission if the following screening criteria are met:


1)  Having been admitted to public hospitals with C. auris outbreak, for 3 or more days within the last 3 months, or

2)  Having been admitted to hospitals outside Hong Kong for 3 or more days within the last 3 months.


Turnaround time for test results is around 3 working days, during which contact precaution would be instituted. Patients with positive results would be transferred to Single Room for isolation with continued contact precaution.


Day Case Patients meeting the above-mentioned screening criteria are also subject to contact precaution during hospital stay, but mandatory testing for C. auris is not required.


Charges apply for the above-mentioned testing and infection control measures.