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Charges for ENT Specialists

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  Price (HK$)
In-house Doctors $680
*Visiting Doctors

$680 up


  • Please refer to "Our Doctor" section for details of in-house doctors.
  • Specialized investigation, treatment, medication and medical consumables are not included in the doctor's consultation fee.

Clinical Procedures - ENT

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Particulars  Price (HK$)
Hearing Test (By Audiologist) $640
Nasal Packing $2,200
Cauterization of Nose (Simple) $5,500
Cauterization of Nose (Major) $8,000
Ear Toilet (One Ear) $1,450
Ear Toilet (Both Ears) $2,500
Removal of Foreign Body – Ear $1,800
Removal of Foreign Body – Nose $2,200
Removal of Foreign Body – Throat $8,300
Fiberscoptic video-laryngoscope for Diagnosis $2,800
Fiberscoptic video-laryngoscope for Biopsy (Pathology Test is not included) $3,500
Telescope for Diagnosis $2,000
Telescope for Biopsy (Pathology Test is not included) $4,000
Myringotomy under LA (One Side) $5,000
Myringotomy under LA (Both Sides)  $8,000
Intra-tympanic injection (Medication is not included)  $7,200
Incision and buttoning $6,000
Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration of Neck
(Pathology Test is not included; No U/S report will be provided)



The estimated charges are for reference only. Final payments are subject to charges incurred from treatment, procedures and services performed. 

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