24-Hour Outpatient Department (General)


Charges for In-house Doctors's General Outpatient Consultation

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Period Mondays to Saturdays (HK$) Sundays and Public Holidays (HK$)
8am to 7:59pm $230 $300
8pm to 7:59am $380 $420


  • Please refer to "Our Doctor" section for details of in-house doctors.
  • Emergency specialty consultation provided by off-duty In-house Doctors from 7pm to 8am on Monday to Saturday and whole day on Sunday and Public Holidays will be charged at $1,000 doctor fee.
  • Specialized investigation, treatment, medication and medical consumables are not included in the doctor's consultation fee.

Health Care Voucher

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To support the Health Care Voucher Pilot Scheme from the government, all elders aged 65 or above who hold Hong Kong Identity Cards or Certificates of Exemption are entitled to join this programme in our Department. For details, please visit the website of Department of Health http://www.hcv.gov.hk/

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